WG - Vocational Education and Training

WG - Vocational Education and Training



Due to the European Commission's EUSDR Action Plan, WG Vocational Education and Training processes the following Actions:

"To support enterprises through high performing training and qualification schemes."

"To prioritise the effective implementation of measures provided for under the Small Business Act for Europe."

"To eliminate cross border barriers and bottlenecks to people and business - Seamless Europe for a liveable Danube Region."



Vocational Education and Training


Ongoing Activities

The pilot project is to reform the Hungarian and Slovakian Vocational Education and Training System with German and Austrian know-how. In near future the WG "Vocational Education and Training" wants to use the results of the pilot project for a best practice model for other countries.


Dr. Joszef Vapar (Secretary General & International Project Manager)
Danube Chamber of Commerce Association &
Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Phone:+36 1 488 2139
E-mail: vapar.jozsef@bkik.hu


Dr. Aron Littvay-Kovacs (International Director)
Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Phone: +36 1 488 2165
E-mail: kovacs.aron@bkik.hu