WG - Cooperation of Business Organizations

WG - Cooperation of Business Organizations


Due to the European Commission's EUSDR Action Plan, WG Cooperation of Business Organizations processes the following Actions:

"To improve business support to strengthen the capacities of SMEs for cooperation and trade"

"Best use should be made of existing forums and institutions, like the Enterprise Europe Network or already established networks of chambers of commerce, such as the Danube Chambers of Commerce Association. Where possible and appropriate, the special situation of SMEs in candidate countries regarding financing should be considered."


Ongoing Activities

This Working Group should link relevant business support agencies, cluster organizations, chambers of commerce or industry associations in the Danube Region. Their aim is to develop business service support services related to cross border research & development cooperation, trade and internationalization.

Another goal is to develop new banking and financial instruments for companies and especially for SMEs, support for SMEs in the delivery of the automotive industry - Supplier Development Programme and Mix Start-Up Pilot Project for competitiveness between Bulgaria and Romania.



Tamás Galambos (Director for International Affairs​)
Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Phone: +36 1 488 2139
E-mail: galambos.tamas@bkik.hu