WG - Cluster of Excellence

WG - Cluster of Excellence



Due to the European Commission's EUSDR Action Plan, WG Cluster of Excellence processes the following Action:

"To foster cooperation and exchange of knowledge between SMEs, academia and the public sector in areas of competence in the Danube Region."




Ongoing Activities

Inspired by an exchange of experiences with Baltic Sea Strategy and their cluster platform "Baltic Sea Region Stars", the WG "Cluster of Excellence" has established a cluster platform named "DanuClus". "DanuClus" provides international networking space for future cluster success, innovation, competitiveness and prosperity in the Danube Region.

Concrete project ideas and funding opportunities are already under discussion - interested parties will get more information by clicking the folllowing link (DanuClus-Flyer.pdf) or by contacting the coordinator of the WG.


Dr.- Ing. Gerd Meier zu Köcker (Executive Director)
ClusterAgentur Baden-Württemberg 
Phone: +49 171 2895832 / +49 711 1233034
E-mail: MZK@clusteragentur-bw.de