Capitalization event “Fostering Female Entrepreneurship in t

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Capitalization event “Fostering Female Entrepreneurship in the Danube Region”

Posted by Judit Schrick, Thursday, 26th September 2019 @ 2:24 pm

The event will tackle an important societal challenge (encouragement of women in the Danube region) in order to support female  entrepreneurs to establish and develop new businesses and to obtain market success. Increasing number of female entrepreneurs will support their participation in the labor market, bringing more prosperity, decreasing poverty and creating preconditions for achieving gender equality in the Danube region. This event will jointly be organized by the project “WOMEN IN BUSINESS” which was supported by the Danube Transnational Programme and the Priority Area 8 of the EU Strategy for Danube Region (organized by the PAC 8 Working Group Female Entrepreneurship). The agenda will not only cover policy issues and the presentation of the current legal framework that has influence on female entrepreneurship, but it will include presentations of good practices, success stories and case studies on female entrepreneurship from the Danube region. The event offers stakeholders and SMEs from the Danube region the opportunity to exchange experiences and addresses their challenges directly to the representatives from politics and administration present.
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